Better way to build a great company culture.

Aiday is a virtual assistant within Slack that collects and analyzes employee feedback to improve personal skills and company efficiency.

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Receiving constant feedback is the fastest way to learn

Feedback between co-workers is an essential part of personal development and company culture. Often lack of honest feedback is the reason why a company loses its best professionals. Why not to change it? After all, professionals are what drive a company forward.

Aiday helps to receive personal and meeting feedback right in Slack, so you don't need to use additional tools and create different polls.

Personal feedback from your team

Aiday helps you develop your personal skills and better understand strengths and weaknesses of your team.

  • 360 degree feedback and rating scale from your team in Slack
  • Personal statistics and insights
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Meeting feedback, specific and timely

Effortless rating and gathering feedback from your team, in a fraction of time.

  • Full integration with Google Calendar and Slack
  • Meeting scoring system
  • Seamless meeting feedback cycle
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Your meetings under a microscope

Measuring your meeting efficiency is a first step to improve it. Aiday provides spotlit analytics so you know where to start.

  • Essential meeting statistics
  • Predicted patterns
  • Insightful weekly reports
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Smart suggestions to  boost meeting productivity

Aiday virtual assistant adapts best practices to hold efficient meetings. On average, about half of all meetings are considered time wasted, but it does not have to stay that way.

  • Suggestions for meeting planning
  • Engaging surveys
  • Smart reminders
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Start driving your company's culture with Aiday