Simple and lightweight solution for 360-degree feedback

Set up regular reviews for your company, team, or yourself to increase self-awareness and develop skills.

For managers

  • 360-degree reviews for yourself and your team
  • Track progress over time

For HR leaders

  • Effortless setup for 360-degree reviews
  • All feedback in one place

Our features

360-degree reviews in minutes

A lightweight, simple solution for 360-degree feedback.

  • Set up reviews in minutes

    Launch your survey today or plan it for another day. It only takes a few minutes.

  • Options for reviewer selection

    Reviewers can be selected by participants, the organizer, or automatically.

  • Analytics: now and tomorrow

    Track employee skills and development in the long term.

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Easy to set up 360-degree reviews

Real-time feedback between colleagues

Aiday helps employees give and receive feedback effectively to improve skills.

  • Anonymous or open feedback between colleagues
  • Personal summary and insights
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Real-time continuous feedback between colleagues

Personal development goals

Employees can create personal development goals, track their progress and receive meaningful feedback on these goals.

  • Employee skill improvement goals
  • Automated notifications for supervisors about goal progress
  • Public and private goals
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Individual development plans

Set up a 360-degree review today