Structured feedback and actionable plans for personal development

Continuous soft skills improvement with feedback from your colleagues and powerful personal development plans for your company, team, or yourself.

For individuals

Boost your leadership skills with 360-degree feedback reviews. First review for free.

For managers

Conduct 360-degree reviews for yourself and your team, track soft skills progress over time.

For HR leaders

Effortless setup for 360-degree reviews. All feedback in one place. Focus on results, not organization.

For consultants

Enrich your consulting process with 360-degree feedback.

Our features

360-degree reviews in minutes

A lightweight, simple solution for 360-degree feedback.

  • Set up reviews in minutes

    Launch your survey today or plan it for another day. It only takes a few minutes.

  • Options for reviewer selection

    Reviewers can be selected by participants, the organizer, or automatically.

  • Analytics: now and tomorrow

    Track employee skills and development in the long term.

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Easy to set up 360-degree reviews

Performance reviews

Automated performance reviews process with 360-degree feedback included.

  • Open-ended and rated questions
  • Anonymous or open feedback from peers
  • Tailored customization on demand by Aiday
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Performance reviews with Aiday

Personal development goals

Employees can create personal development goals, track their progress and receive meaningful feedback on these goals.

  • Employee skill improvement goals
  • Automated notifications for supervisors about goal progress
  • Public and private goals
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Individual development plans

More to love about Aiday

User-friendly surveys and results

Create 360-degree surveys that look awesome on any device.

Multiple languages

You can create one survey in many different languages.

Security and Privacy

We take security and privacy seriously at Aiday. We don't share customer data with anyone, whatsoever.

Free training and support

We would be happy to help you organize your reviews with Aiday.

Set up a 360-degree review today